Other Civil Litigation Matters

We have represented clients aggressively and successfully in areas outside of our particular focus areas.

We are excited to undertake new challenges. We invite you to call us about your particular legal issue. Our aim is to serve you. We have represented clients successfully in the following areas which are not in our core areas of practice:

  • Real Estate Cases
  • Failure to Disclose Home defects to a Buyer
  • Section 1983 cases (civil rights cases against government officials)
  • Environmental Cases
  • Commercial Cases
  • Breach of Contract matters
  • Suits against government entities
  • Mold cases
  • Litigation against a Planned Community Association
  • Qui Tam/whistleblower cases/False Claims Act
  • Criminal cases

We recognize that the ultimate goal of the law is Justice. Justice is not about us but about you, the client, and the merits of your cause. The needs of a potential client often occur outside of the specialty of many local lawyers, and, indeed, our special areas of focus. We take this as a challenge to assist the client where possible.

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