Wills, Trusts, and Estates

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Wills, Trusts and Estates

Wusinich & Brogan P.C. has traditionally offered counseling, administration and litigation assistance with basic wills, estates and trusts representation in conjunction with a network of firms we have forged a relationship with over the years for estate referrals on those estates requiring special provisions and advanced taxation issues. The client receives counsel in preserving assets while providing security for themselves and their loved ones. Estate Planning services include review of current testamentary documents to determine if the documents are relevant to the individual or family’s present estate plan. Preparation of estate documents such as various types of wills and testamentary trusts is customized to fulfill the particular wishes of the testator (the author of the document).

Estate Administration services are flexible with an hourly fee rate. Our firm assists the Executor or Administrator from the start with filing estate documents with the Register of Wills Office. We then gather and organize the information pertaining to the decedent’s estate. We next oversee payment of decedent debt and estate debt. Finally, we file the necessary papers with the Register of Wills Office and tax offices. Support services may alternatively be provided to the Executor or Administrator if the client wishes to attend to the administration of the decedent’s estate in a more independent manner.

As needed, we coordinate efforts with the client’s financial planner, accountant and other family advisors to gain comprehensive knowledge of the client’s estate and maximize service.


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